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A strong brand is all that stands between you and the competition.

What makes certain brands special and iconic? Is it the name? The colour palette? Or because they look timeless? Is it because the branding encapsulates what the company does? Or is it because they have big budget to spend on branding? All of these are considered when designing a logo, but none of them will help in creating a great logo. Great logos are created by understanding your brand.


What makes for effective branding?

In defining what an effective brand is, and how to make one, we first need to understand what goes into good branding and logo design. A great logo is, memorable, timeless, and distinctive. Meaning that besides the design of the logo, it needs to be particularly representative of the company that it stands for, in all facets of that company’s business. This means defining your brand, and building a logo from that, not the other way round. No other company will have the same brand as you, irrespective of the logo.

The difference between

Branding and logos

The Brand and Logo Generation processes are linked. In generating, discovering and understanding your brand, you’ll begin to understand what your logo needs to look like and how it needs to function, the brand is the map, and the logo is the destination that you’re working towards and will ultimately be the representation of your entire business. Generally a designer will create 3 identities for you to choose from, here is where it’s important to remember what your brand is, and what it stands for. This makes it easy to decide which identity is most suitable for your brand.

how to go about

Increasing your footprint

The best way to extend the reach of your brand is to ask your designer to create and entire brand identity for you. This will ensure that all of your branded elements, both physical and digital, allow for a holistic brand experience, at any level of interaction. This is the best way to ensure that all your consumers experience your brand how you intend, and you’re always putting your best foot forward.

what’s included


Logo Analysis

Here, we will have a look at your logo, and compare it with the competition to let you know how you stack up

Digital Analysis

We will have a look at your website and online presence and see how your brand is experienced digitally

Search Analysis

Here we will see how your brand is found and displayed online through search engines, and social media

Competitor Analysis

We will have a look at your core competitors and their branding, how it differs from yours, and how you can stand out from them


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